Like all developments by Ayala Land, Evo City follows the company’s commitment to a fully sustainable community, adhering to its Five Pillars of Sustainability. Behind every design – every building, village, and estate – is a dedication to the environment, the community, and innovation.

With Ayala Land Single-minded in its pursuit of sustainable communities that help to preserve and protect the environment, long-term value is created for everyone while ensuring that nature’s resources are used wisely and efficiently.

Four Focus Areas of Sustainability

Site Resilience – to reduce risks brought about by natural & geographical factors

  • Storm water management through retarding basins
  • Improvement of waterways
  • Allowing areas for rainwater percolation and use of porous materials for hardscapes
  • Use of native plants & trees for landscaping

Pedestrian & Transit Connectivity – To enhance mobility and heighten overall pedestrian experience

  • Transit Terminal
  • Transit facilities located no more than a five-minute walk from major locations
  • Bike racks placed at different points all throughout the development

Eco-efficiency – To minimize consumption of natural capital as well as the emission of greenhouse gases through resource conservation and waste management systems

  • Estate
    • Use of off-grid public facilities such as solar-powered streetlights
    • Implementation of waste reduction programs
    • Use of climate-resilient plants
  • Locators are encouraged and incentivized to use the following:
    • Solar-powered facilities such as in malls & in houses
    • Energy and water-efficient fixtures
    • LEED-certified office buildings

Local Economic Development

  • To develop the community through direct contribution to local economies
  • Creation of local employment opportunities and prioritization of hiring within the community, city, and/or province where Evo City is located (Cavite)

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