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Rucci Law Group is a full-service law firm that works with clients to handle their personal and professional legal needs. The firm, founded in 2011 and based in Darien, CT, serves clients in Connecticut and around the world. Our senior legal counsel supported by experienced staff, help individuals, families and businesses effectively manage their routine legal affairs, and are there to help solve problems when unanticipated legal issues arise.

At Rucci Law Group, we strive for professional excellence and responsive service to our clients. We are proud of our reputation for providing integrated client solutions across several areas of law which includes:  real estate, land use and zoning, wills, trusts and estates, family law, business, intellectual property and nonprofit law.

The practice utilizes digital office technology to deliver service faster and more efficiently than the traditional paper-driven model. All documents are accessible through our secure, cloud-based document management system, which provides both convenience and peace of mind.

Practice Areas

Individuals, families, nonprofit organizations and businesses of any size require a variety of legal services. Individuals and families often need to set up estate planning, or assistance with real estate purchases and sales and navigating zoning regulations. Businesses may seek help with startup or incorporation documents, protecting their intellectual property, succession planning, leasing or complying with regulations to open in a new community. Whatever the circumstance, Rucci Law Group provides the expertise our clients depend on to ensure their needs are handled correctly. Here’s a closer look at the services we provide.

Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning

Through careful planning, Rucci Law Group provides the tools to protect your family and financial assets. We plan for the...

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Real Estate

Real estate is often the most significant asset of a family, business, or non-profit and requires expert legal advice to protect the investment...

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Land Use & Zoning

Rucci Law Group has extensive experience in zoning and land use matters, both commercial and residential. The firm has appeared...

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Businesses & Startups

From startup to exit strategy, Rucci Law Group's business practice provides thoughtful advice and individualized service to help you achieve...

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Family Law

The team at Rucci Law Group provides the experience and the sensitivity needed to represent spouses, parents and children, ensuring that each family law matter is handled with care....

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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property guidance provided by Rucci Law Group centers on trademark and copyright protection issues within the context...

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Nonprofit Organizations

The decision to start a nonprofit requires careful consideration of purpose, statutory obligations and duty of care. Rucci Law Group helps...

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For many people, their retirement savings is one of their largest assets, and the rules for how these assets are passed to beneficiaries has changed significantly with the passing of the SECURE Act at the end of 2019. An IRA or 401(k) typically does not pass through an individual’s Will. In most cases, it passes … Continue reading Estate Planning for your Retirement Assets

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